Recently the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has confirmed its launch of the upcoming flagship phone that will be arriving as Xioami Mi 8. With a few reports and rumors claim as there will be under-display fingerprint sensor and the 3D facial recognition will make the main attraction of this smartphone. Nonetheless, Mi 8 is supposedly innovating a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner that has confirmed through leaked posters that have been surfacing internet today.

The exact Mi 8 blue edition that had spotted during the ending of last week is quite similar to the below-attached picture. Except that in a previous leak a rear-facing fingerprint sensor was not mentioned anywhere on the dummy phone picture that is now clear in the recently leaked photo.


A 3D facial scanning along with 3D light module is presumed to be structured on the broader notch present in the phone dummy picture. Similar to iPhone X animated emojis feature is assumed to be supported in the Mi 8, as mentioned in the report which had published a few hours ago.


Mi 8 is expected to launch more exciting features like, IR facial recognition, Snapdragon 845 chipset, dual-GPS module, and AI dual camera, which was mentioned earlier in the Chinese text. Likewise, on June 17th, 2017 Mi released Mi 6 phone which had rear shell wholly made out of glass. It is confirmed that Mi 8 is going to stick to the glass technology.

Things being what they are, shouldn’t something said about the on-screen fingerprint feature? Around two months prior, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had asserted that the organization’s next lead phone would outfit with an under-display fingerprint sensor. It uncovered in the most recent week that there are possibilities for two versions of its upcoming flagship phone; Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE (Special Edition ALERT.). Like Samsung, they are possibly going to launch two versions of the same model as mentioned previously, but the other phone might contain upgraded and better features adding more cost to Agile Scrum.


Besides with 6 GB of RAM a storage capacity of 64, 128 and 256 GB might be an option in advanced Xiaomi Mi 8 SE while purchasing. It is probably going to be accessible in hues like dark, blue, white and gold. On the opposite side, the Mi 8 is conjectured to feature 4 GB of RAM with internal storage of as massive as 64 GB. It might touch base in shading choices like dark, gold, blue and red.

MIUI 10 Android skin that will additionally launch on May 31 will possibly run with the Xiaomi Mi 8 duo. A similar launching event will likewise stamp the unveiling of Mi Band 3 fitness band. Bits of gossip have guaranteed that the Surge S2 home-brewed SoC will likewise divulge at a similar stage Microsoft 365.