For a clearer view on the topic let’s begin with telling about what really is DAAS? Desktop-as-a-service (DAAS) is a virtual desktop which is hosted by a third party by means of a cloud. It is an outsourced virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The difference between DAAS and other VDIs is the usage of the space and complexity. With DAAS the setup is completely on the cloud and thus is a quite simple one. Now that you are familiar with what it is let’s proceed to why it is such Agile Scrum.


Since the virtual desktop is available through the cloud it is available anywhere and at any time. This has provided much ease to the users since now the desktop can be accessed without having to travel such long distances. The availability of the desktop on tablets and smartphones has been an excellent step towards better and more accessible computing.


Since the accessibility has increased and now no time is to be wasted even when you are travelling, the overall productivity increases. Since the entire system is cloud based the sharing of the data has become a lot easier and faster. The working time has surely become more than it used to be. With all these developments the productivity has increased by Azure DevOps.

Operating Cost:

The cloud and open source have provided a lot of benefits to the people. For the system itself the DAAS has been quite generous. The virtual desktop on the cloud means that the actual system from where the VDI is being accessed doesn’t perform much processing which means the resource can be used in other important operations. The space requirement is minimum too due to the entire setup being on cloud. Also, the power consumption by the local system is low which means less energy is being dissipated and less cooling it requires. An estimation has been made that using DAAS can account for 35-55% savings in a period of five years.


Hardware is what costs the most when making an investment. With the introduction of DAAS and the virtual desktop on cloud the actual hardware requirement has decreased to a great extent. Now the money doesn’t need to be invested in domains where there is a chance of loss it can used to invest in better incentives.


Since the working is happening over a cloud the security is beyond what can be imagined. The security moves out of the domain of one computer and extends to a much larger bank of resources which is dedicated to ensuring the protection of every node in the system. Multi-level authentication protocols can be set up to protect the data from any kind of attack. The hosting party and the owners of each smaller system do the encryption doesn’t really have to worry about the security as a whole.

The data remains error-free and live for whenever you need it. It can be quickly accessed and thus this makes DAAS an excellent choice.