With the current COVID-19 pandemic, having close contact with multiple individuals anywhere are not recommended by anyone. But what do you do when this is the right time to pick up some courses to upskill yourself? Thankfully due to technology, Live Virtual Classes (LVC) are available and offered by most of the training companies including us – Info Trek. However, most people are still not buying the idea of LVC due to various concerns. Here are a few advantages that may appeal to you:

Better Digital Skills

While increasing knowledge and skills through LVC, people tend to find it interesting as they are able to increase their digital skills with more advanced online learning solutions. As you proceed with the online classes, you will soon find yourself becoming increasingly productive and confident using interactive online learning tools and productivity apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Good Time Management
The LVC allows working adult to manage and allocate specific time for the training. Instead of using the extra hours to commute to a training center, they can utilize the time to complete their work before the training starts. By effectively managing time, productivity is set to increase with Azure training.

Easily Accessible
Having a laptop or a computer is sufficient to enroll into LVC courses as it is accessible anywhere so long the internet connection is strong. Companies with multiple employees from different countries would benefit more from LVC courses as they are able to conduct the same training for all their staffs regardless of the country, they are residing in. This way, employees can stay home while they learn Azure courses.

Did you know that RM67.6 million was lost to cybercrimes in Q1 2019? Cyber criminals are aggressive, and their methods continue to evolve may devastate business owners, and the disastrous tactics employed can often leave business owners devastated.

How much damage can cyberattacks cause to SMEs?

  • Direct: Financial losses caused by cybersecurity incident – this includes loss of productivity, fines, remediation cost, etc;
  • Indirect: The opportunity cost to the organization thanks to damaged reputation and loss of customers
  • Induced: The impact of cyber breach to the broader ecosystem, such as the decrease in consumer spending

While small and medium-sized businesses key decision makers may feel they are less at risk, cyber criminals turn to larger businesses to make a strike for Azure training.

Small and medium-sized businesses need to fortify their defenses for Azure courses any unwanted incidents can result in regrettable outcomes. Get the current state of security for businesses and ideas on how to execute good cybersecurity measures with a FREE e-book.