Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed services from Microsoft. It supports the distribution of apps that requires low latency at a global scale. Native support for all major No SQL data models – key-value type, document, graph, and columnar.

What it actually offers though?

  • Probably the only database service that provides 5 well-defined consistency levels (string, bound staleness, session, consistent prefix, eventual)
  • Freedom to avoid all-or-nothing trade offs encountered with other No SQL databases
  • Ability to index data during ingestion
  • Delivery of high availability and low latency – backed by leading service-level agreements (SLAs)

Bonus: It is also fully managed by Microsoft Azure.

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There’s a lot happening in your cloud infrastructure and it’s certainly more than a glorified center of data storage. This could not be even more true for Microsoft Azure.

Different businesses have their own unique needs to adapt cloud data analytics. Some may attempt to harness the underlying potential for business opportunities, future marketing strategization, measurement of growth, and more. This can be further assisted with Azure certification to equip employees with the right skills.

Azure database packs a host of capabilities for Database Administrators (DBAs) to enhance their roles in organizations. This varies from optimizing on-premise environment to create rich business value for the organization.

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One of the most demanded services in terms of IT infrastructure offered by Amazon was the Amazon Web Server, which was established in the early 2000s. This exact service is nowadays known as Cloud computing services. At first, it was designed to be a private considerable-sized network having proper infrastructure. Later, a conclusion was made based on the outcome that these servers can be put back on stores for a resale worldwide.

Amazon Web Servers

Today, Amazon Web Servers are considered to be cost-efficient service with increased reliability and proper structure using the formula of cloud computing. Whether you are linked to an organization or an individual, you can achieve reasonable benefits with this platform’s help. You can also utilize all the experience and expertise of a web server with proper plans for the subscription by Amazon. Similar to other cloud computing services, Amazon provides you with security, feasibility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and flexibility, having every significant control in COBIT 5 training.

One of the most critical factors of comparing Amazon’s services from other services is by experience. Amazon takes pride after the great success of the AWS in web service provider industries and also cloud computing services. Amazon has proven its reliability and professionalism as a brand being associated with many individuals around the world. Due to its long spread, Amazon has considered the most dependable service with a certified track record. AWS provides you all the updated and latest resources and services around the globe.

Services Under The Umbrella Amazon Web Services

The AWS provides a variety of services, and each of these services is divided based on storage, migration, database, computing, delivery of content, security, and many more. The services and their domains highly demanded by people worldwide are:


The computing domain is responsible for all the calculation and arithmetic aspects related to the workload of computing. The services coming under the computing domain are Lambda, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), EC2 Autoscaling, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Registry, Amazon LightSail, Elastic Container Service, AWS Batch, AWS Serverless Application Repository, AWS Fargate, etc.


The domain that is responsible for carrying out storage aspects of the service comes under this umbrella. The services are mostly related to the storage of data, including the Elastic Block Store, Simple Storage Service, Amazon Glacier, Elastic File System, AWS Snowball, AWS Storage Gateway, etc.

Management Tools

Management is an essential element of maintaining any service. Services coming under the domain of Management Tools are used to manage services within a service or other services within AWS. These services include AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Configuration, AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, etc.

Content Delivery & Networking

The domain which can connect with different organizations and carry out relevant content for the service comes under networking and content. It is used for separating the framework of network and COBIT 2019 training for providing faster content. The services include AWS CloudFront services, Amazon Route 53, AWS Direct Connect, etc.


Electronics are a part of our daily life. It might not be wrong to say that our lives have become dependent on these electronics. Whether it’s a coffee maker in your house or the phone you use, hybrid cars, your drive or technologies that facilitate. Each and every one of the electronics is composed of complex transistor structures and COBIT 5 training.

Living in such an age of rapidly advancing technology where newer inventions are a part of our daily life, electronics also need to get smarter. However, as an electronic device becomes smarter and more powerful, the complexity of its development also increases. The whole concept of technology, today, lies in the idea “smaller but powerful.” That’s why we see new phones and computers coming out every day with slim, thin bodies, faster processing powers, and COBIT 2019 training.

For quite a long-time silicon remained the only companion of transistors – the internal switches that perform the computing operations inside a computer. However not so long ago, the world saw its first Silicene Transistor. It means the future of the technology is all about powerful processing capabilities with minimum loss and consumption of energy.


Silicene is a 2-D version of silicon however with the thickness of a single layer of atoms. In its electrical properties, the first silicene transistor behaves like a super-strong highway for electrons but degrades within seconds, when exposed to air. To avoid this, researchers grew silicene on a silver base and used a layer of aluminum oxide to cease degradation. In the third step, they flipped it over, and with the help of custom-developed solution, etched out a silver slice in the middle while preserving the underlying silicene. Resulting in a successful silicene pathway for electrons to travel from the electrode to the other.


Nicknamed as graphene’s cousin, the most conductive substance present on earth, First Silicene Transistor has been a fantasy of computer scientists and physicists for decades. As, just like graphene, it has revolutionary, much efficient electrical properties that can change the face of computing altogether. Graphene possesses the potential for extraordinarily speedy circuits running through our computer chips. However, it lacks “bandgap”. Consequently, it is of no use for making computer chips. That’s how the concept of the first silicene transistor came to life.

Future approach:

Apart from resembling graphene in its electrical properties to a greater extent, Silicene is a form of silicon. That means it would be much easier for manufacturers to work with it as they are used to the substance. If scientists manage to get good electrical, stable properties out of it, Silicene transistors can transform the semiconductor industry.


  • Faster, more powerful technology devices.
  • Less consumption of energy.
  • The stronger and versatile build of transistors.
  • Newer, more diverse, and intelligent algorithms for a robotic




First Silicene Transistor is a great step ahead. If employed in the semiconductor industry with the right approach, not only these small devices will help build smarter, artificially intelligent robots, cars, smartphones, and computers, etc. but also a future with flexible, transparent electronics is the prediction.

As technology is modernizing day by day, many new developments in the field have taken the world to a new level. Some of the developers elevate the already designed device and putting their best efforts to modernize it. Similar to that, the ordinary mouse, which is a pointing device, is raised, which allows controlling the 3D application known as space mouse. This mouse is known for its efficiency and operates accurately in terms of performance and ITIL 4 courses.

We are looking forward to discussing the dynamics and working of the space mouse in this article.

Space mouse

One of the most significant developments of computer programmers in the field of hardware is this space mouse. Previously, this technology to manage the 3D application comes in software, but this time it is available in the tangential design. It allows the user to move and control it accurately. It is also known as the three-dimensional mouse, having its pattern to control and the respective signals which require the interpretation of ITIL 4 certifications.


Most people love this technology due to the uniqueness of its features, operating on the principle of ergonomics. The fascinating aspect of this device is its design, which is user-friendly results in an increase in productivity. The interface comes up with an advanced pad at which the user’s hand can be placed naturally. It also has a navigator that helps the user to control the objects without getting to touch any key. It also has some buttons and a scroll allowing the user to operate functions with high complexity.

How it works

The application of this 3D mouse is to control the three-dimensional objects, also for its graphical simulation. It is proven to increase and enhance productivity and comfort, especially for users that are using 3D software applications. The following are the parts of the Space Mouse and their functions.


Space mouse allows the user to rotate around its six-degree axis, which can control 3D objects within six degrees. In this mouse, there are two different modes to control either through the left hand or right. You can select from the right or left-hand way in the driver software to rotate the LCD according to your choice. This controller also has a cap which is said to be its heart. This cap allows the user even to turn the movement for a few millimeters. It works when you hold that cap because once you release it, the object you’re working on will be brought back to its central position.

3-D Controller Keys

As this mouse has the space controller software, the user can assign its functions to optimize the workflow. The assigned function will be displayed on the LCD. It is more comfortable to use it that way, helping you to have a closer look at your 3D models.


The space mouse is one of the smartest inventions of the decade. It allows the user not only to design the 3D models used in the field of architecture, textiles, etc. With the help of these devices, the workflow will be increased, and employ burden will be reduced

We see Information Technology (IT) everywhere we go, it’s the heart of any business, be it as small as a coffee shop or as large as an entire organization. Nowadays, without IT, a business cannot thrive. The problem is as the deployment of IT grew in every part of our life, so its unintended adverse effects on the environment. Now how does one counter these damaging effects on the environment? That’s where Green IT comes in.

What is Green IT?

To implement Green IT in your business in an efficient way, you must first know what Green IT is. Green IT is the practice of computing, which is environmentally friendly. Its job is to expel or minimize the impact of IT-related technologies on the environment by operating, manufacturing, designing, and getting rid of IT related tech in a clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly way. Moreover, the practice of Green IT includes minimizing the use of unsafe materials, increasing the energy efficiency of a particular product, and promoting the use of biodegradable products.

Why is it important?

Green IT helps companies to take a step in minimizing their carbon footprint significantly for several reasons. First of all, many companies update their equipment every three to four years. This recurring opportunity can be utilized in buying more energy-efficient hardware every time new hardware is needed. Moreover, virtuality could be introduced by keeping more virtual servers, virtual networks, and virtual data storage. Virtualization at this level can reduce IT power usage for the replaced equipment for up to 50%. By utilizing virtualization technology, you are also reducing your data center costs by reducing the costs of equipment and system management. Besides, all large scale companies are moving towards implementing Green IT and are seeing vast improvements in costs while at the same time helping the environment stay ITIL 4 certification.

How can it be implemented?

Now you know all about the benefits of Green IT and are eager to implement it to your business. Fortunately, Green IT can be applied to the smallest of businesses, so no matter how large or small your business is, you can reap the benefits of Green IT.  Steps you can take to reduce the harmful effects of IT on the environment include:

  • Reduce paper, printer, and packaging waste.
  • Refill your ink cartridges instead of buying new ones every time.
  • Choose eco-friendly packaging instead of standard packaging.
  • Set out a power management plan to reduce overall power consumption.
  • Don’t throw away any equipment that can be recycled.
  • Prefer web conferences over meeting in person.
  • Eliminate paper-based processes and move towards digital solutions.
  • Use cloud computing and virtual storage and ITIL 4 courses



Green IT has crystal clear benefits for both the company utilizing it and our beautiful planet that stays clean if we start to take care of it. Many big companies have transitioned to using Green IT, and now it’s your turn to change your business, helping the environment stay green.

In this modern era of the digital world, where everything is available online for purchase, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology proved to be a game-changer for the retail market. RFID is a groundbreaking technology in the modern age and brought back brick and mortar stores in the game again. This astounding tracking technology is a modified and efficient version of bar code; it uses radio waves for identification of items by reading data through tags (small digital chips) attached to Itil 4 courses.

How RFID Works?

RFID operating system composed of three main components

  • Scanning antenna
  • Transceiver
  • Transponder

The scanning antenna sends RFID works by the communication of transponder and reader via radio frequency signals. When a transponder comes within the range of scanning antenna signals, the microchip on the transponder gets activated and transmits the information back to the scanning antenna. The signal received by the scanning antenna is then interpreted by the transceiver having a decoder to decode the Itil 4 certification.

Transponders used in the RFID technology are the small microchips attached to the surface of the object and are available in two versions:

  • Passive Tag- do not have an inbuilt power source and are smaller in size as compared to active tags.
  • Active Tag- have their power supply and can read signals even at a long distance

Whereas the scanning antennas are available in the form of handheld scanners, attached to a surface or a door frame so that it can scan people as well as objects. The scanning antenna can receive signals from multiple transponders at the same time as each transponder has a unique accession number. This property of scanning antenna enables the RFID technology to track various items at the same time.

What makes RFID technology better than barcode technology?

Barcode requires the object to be in the line of sight to be scanned, whereas the RFID is based on ‘near field’ technology that has no such limitations; it will scan all the objects that are present in the range of the scanner.

RFID technology can track multiple objects at the same time, whereas the barcode reads only one tag a time.

RFID reads 12 tags in one second, making its tremendous speed another preferred choice for the users.

Along with high speed, RFID technology offers ample storage for data as compared to the barcode.

Applications of RFID technology

The RFID technology has several applications in various sectors;

  • Tracking of inventory
  • Automated checkouts
  • Security
  • Cashless payment
  • Supply chain management
  • Communal/ Impactful advertisement
  • Id badging
  • Tracking of vehicles and airline passengers, patients and pets

RFID technology, with its immense potential, is all set to bring the retail industry to the forefront again. The use of this technology will benefit the market in enormous ways- making the shopping experience more delightful, easy, and safe for the customers. Not only will it benefit the retail market, but it will also bring marveling changes in all the sectors- making itself the necessity of future life for humans.

The founding father and the president of DABCC. Inc, Douglas A. Brown has over 20 years of experience in computer technologies and markets based on virtualization, cloud, and servers. Before starting the project of DABCC, from 2001 to 2004, Douglas Brown worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at Citrix Systems Inc, where he made “Methodology in a Box,” the far-famed leading Citrix deployment system.

In addition, Douglas was named Systems Engineer of the Year in 2002 by his peers and management at the Citrix Systems. From 2005 to 2016, the Microsoft Corporation awarded Douglas Brown to honor his contributions to the industry with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He was also recognized for his continuous support in the Information Technology (IT) community with the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and VMware vEXPERT awards. Douglas A. Brown also talks at leading industry events, and over the past 20 years, he has been a prolific author. Mr. Brown has been granted a United States patent on “Social Content Management.”

Mr. Douglas A. Brown also hosts the number one rated virtualization and cloud podcast show that airs on DABCC Radio and DABCC TV.


Hosted by Mr. Douglas A. BrownMVPCTPvEXPERT, it is basically an Information Technology (IT) News Talk Show. In the show, Mr. Brown interviews the influential personalities of the VMware related cloud, EUC, security, Microsoft, storage, Citrix, and the world of virtualization Scrum master training.

DABCC is the first and the most frequently visited website virtualization dedicated to all elements, resources and, tools, and news.


The show currently has a total of 314 episodes. The latest episode was released on April 18, 2019. In that episode, Mr. Brown interviewed Garrett Helmer, who is the Senior Vice President of Channels, Eric Johnson, who is the Channel SE, and Kyle Yardley, who is the Partner Business Development Manager at the PrinterLogicDouglas Brown talked to them about the Serverless Printing Solution by PrinterLogic. They also discussed the details such as what is it actually, how it is helpful in the EUC environments, why you should be concerned about it, and Scrum product owner courses.

The episodes of the podcasts are available on the internet. You can even download apps like The Podbean App to listen to the podcasts.


Citrix Ready defines approaches and recommended solutions that are trusted to improve the functionality of the Citrix Delivery Center. All Citrix Ready goods have been completely tested and verified, thereby maintaining confidence in the reliability of the joint solution and its compatibility. Citrix Ready offers trusted services designed to meet a range of business needs through its industry-leading partnerships and partner ecosystem. Citrix Ready demonstrates not only the current compatibility of the mutual products but also future interoperability through ongoing industry relationships.

Office 365 is a line of Microsoft’s subscription services as part of the Microsoft office product line. The brand includes schemes to implement the Microsoft Office Software Suite throughout the subscription time and cloud-based software as service products for business environments such as hosted Exchange server, SharePoint, Skype for Building Servers, among others. All Office 365 plans include automated software upgrades without any hidden charges as compared to the essential licenses for these programs – where new versions demand a new permit to be bought.


There are several products and services in the Office 365 service. All components of Office 365 can be managed and configured via an online portal, and users can be added manually. More advanced configuration and functionality requires itil 4 courses.


Outlook on the internet brand is complemented by task management, email service, the program, and the contact manager for companies and enterprises, Office 365, including Outlook People, Outlook Mail, Outlook Tasks and Outlook Calendar.


365 business and company-oriented plans provide access to subscription-based software to cloud-hosted versions of Office Service Applications, including SharePoint, Skype for Business, Outlook, and Office Web Apps Collection.


Contracts for Office 365 also include access to the latest Windows and Mac Os models of the Office desktop applications for the subscription period. In the case of Windows Office, it is installed using a click to run a system that allows users to start using the forms almost instantly while streaming files in the background. Software updates are immediately installed, covering all security updates as well as significant new Office versions.


365 provides many frameworks for collaboration designed to cover organizational needs at the level of the enterprise, team, and department. One Drive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Outlook Online, Skype for Business, and Delve boards are currently on the list of contact tools. The wide choice of devices is the subject of the on-going discussions about each tool’s intent and its optimal implementation in real business life. There are many ways in an organization to explain the role of the Office 365 collaboration tools.


the Office 365 platform uses a rolling release model; updates to the service’s online components are delivered once a quarter.


365 Education, formerly called Office 365 for Education and Microsoft Live@edu is a free suite of Windows hosting services and software for educational needs. The software provides a set of hosting collaboration facilities, web-based, desktop, and itil 4 certifications, communication tools, and data storage capabilities to educational facilities as well.


Microsoft Office 365 to a fantastic platform to do great work and create, share, and interact. Through Gmail, OneDrive, Excel, Word, SharePoint, PowerPoint, OneNote, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and many more, you can be more innovative and accomplish what makes a difference.

The reason for different cancer infections has ambushed the clinical business for such a long time even with the progression of present day medication. The danger of the patient kicking the bucket is high particularly if the patient is in the propelled phases of the malady. Radiation and chemotherapy are only two of the treatments recommended with cancer medical procedure as the last alternative to evacuate cancer cells these treatments do not ensure that the patient will be sans cancer and danger of repeat is dispensed with. One of the most recent treatment, immunotherapy, is a promising one for cancer. Immunotherapy utilizes the body’s own safe framework to battle malady. The most recognizable type of immunotherapy is immunization when a debilitated or dead infection answerable for the ailment is infused into a life form, his safe framework is provoked to deliver antibodies and white platelets that avert contamination from the live infection. The principal affirmed remedial cancer antibody utilizes patient’s own tumor cells to start a resistant framework assault on cancer.

lung cancer treatment

Cancer immunotherapy contrasts from the various types of cancer treatment in that it does not focus on the cancer itself it focuses on the patient’s invulnerable framework. The objective is to animate the resistant framework with the goal that it can pulverize cancer without anyone else. There are two ways to deal with utilizing immunotherapy for cancer. One strategy utilizes antibodies that discharge a brake on T cells, making them assault tumors. The other strategy utilizes T cells taken from a cancer understanding, hereditarily altered to all the more likely objective cancer. Radiation and lung cancer chemotherapy treatments are the two regular clinical treatments endorsed for cancer patients. The treatment includes the patient being presented to high dosages of radiation to keep the cancer cells from metastasized. Despite the fact that the treatment can keep the cancer cells from spreading, symptoms are likewise seen among patients who have experienced the procedure. The radiation treatment not just slaughters the harmed cells, it likewise harms sound, ordinary cells.

Cancer patients may encounter sickness, outrageous weakness, and torment just as helplessness to contaminations. lung immunotherapy treatment is generally new in the rundown of treatments for cancer and is utilized conjunctive with other cancer treatments it nullifies the negative indications that patients experience. The treatment however is not for all cancer patients as the FDA has affirmed the treatment for the accompanying sorts including melanoma, leukemia, Kidney, ovarian, colorectal and lung cancer. The treatment is given in various manners including infusing the antibody, admission of the endorsed pill or through intravenous application. Despite the fact that the treatment is new, it demonstrates incredible guarantee to get one of the best remedies for cancer. As the treatment depends on the patient’s safe framework, it is best to visit one of the clinical wellbeing offices that offer the treatment.