For a clearer view on the topic let’s begin with telling about what really is DAAS? Desktop-as-a-service (DAAS) is a virtual desktop which is hosted by a third party by means of a cloud. It is an outsourced virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The difference between DAAS and other VDIs is the usage of the space and complexity. With DAAS the setup is completely on the cloud and thus is a quite simple one. Now that you are familiar with what it is let’s proceed to why it is such Agile Scrum.


Since the virtual desktop is available through the cloud it is available anywhere and at any time. This has provided much ease to the users since now the desktop can be accessed without having to travel such long distances. The availability of the desktop on tablets and smartphones has been an excellent step towards better and more accessible computing.


Since the accessibility has increased and now no time is to be wasted even when you are travelling, the overall productivity increases. Since the entire system is cloud based the sharing of the data has become a lot easier and faster. The working time has surely become more than it used to be. With all these developments the productivity has increased by Azure DevOps.

Operating Cost:

The cloud and open source have provided a lot of benefits to the people. For the system itself the DAAS has been quite generous. The virtual desktop on the cloud means that the actual system from where the VDI is being accessed doesn’t perform much processing which means the resource can be used in other important operations. The space requirement is minimum too due to the entire setup being on cloud. Also, the power consumption by the local system is low which means less energy is being dissipated and less cooling it requires. An estimation has been made that using DAAS can account for 35-55% savings in a period of five years.


Hardware is what costs the most when making an investment. With the introduction of DAAS and the virtual desktop on cloud the actual hardware requirement has decreased to a great extent. Now the money doesn’t need to be invested in domains where there is a chance of loss it can used to invest in better incentives.


Since the working is happening over a cloud the security is beyond what can be imagined. The security moves out of the domain of one computer and extends to a much larger bank of resources which is dedicated to ensuring the protection of every node in the system. Multi-level authentication protocols can be set up to protect the data from any kind of attack. The hosting party and the owners of each smaller system do the encryption doesn’t really have to worry about the security as a whole.

The data remains error-free and live for whenever you need it. It can be quickly accessed and thus this makes DAAS an excellent choice.

Recently the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has confirmed its launch of the upcoming flagship phone that will be arriving as Xioami Mi 8. With a few reports and rumors claim as there will be under-display fingerprint sensor and the 3D facial recognition will make the main attraction of this smartphone. Nonetheless, Mi 8 is supposedly innovating a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner that has confirmed through leaked posters that have been surfacing internet today.

The exact Mi 8 blue edition that had spotted during the ending of last week is quite similar to the below-attached picture. Except that in a previous leak a rear-facing fingerprint sensor was not mentioned anywhere on the dummy phone picture that is now clear in the recently leaked photo.


A 3D facial scanning along with 3D light module is presumed to be structured on the broader notch present in the phone dummy picture. Similar to iPhone X animated emojis feature is assumed to be supported in the Mi 8, as mentioned in the report which had published a few hours ago.


Mi 8 is expected to launch more exciting features like, IR facial recognition, Snapdragon 845 chipset, dual-GPS module, and AI dual camera, which was mentioned earlier in the Chinese text. Likewise, on June 17th, 2017 Mi released Mi 6 phone which had rear shell wholly made out of glass. It is confirmed that Mi 8 is going to stick to the glass technology.

Things being what they are, shouldn’t something said about the on-screen fingerprint feature? Around two months prior, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had asserted that the organization’s next lead phone would outfit with an under-display fingerprint sensor. It uncovered in the most recent week that there are possibilities for two versions of its upcoming flagship phone; Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE (Special Edition ALERT.). Like Samsung, they are possibly going to launch two versions of the same model as mentioned previously, but the other phone might contain upgraded and better features adding more cost to Agile Scrum.


Besides with 6 GB of RAM a storage capacity of 64, 128 and 256 GB might be an option in advanced Xiaomi Mi 8 SE while purchasing. It is probably going to be accessible in hues like dark, blue, white and gold. On the opposite side, the Mi 8 is conjectured to feature 4 GB of RAM with internal storage of as massive as 64 GB. It might touch base in shading choices like dark, gold, blue and red.

MIUI 10 Android skin that will additionally launch on May 31 will possibly run with the Xiaomi Mi 8 duo. A similar launching event will likewise stamp the unveiling of Mi Band 3 fitness band. Bits of gossip have guaranteed that the Surge S2 home-brewed SoC will likewise divulge at a similar stage Microsoft 365.

Vlogging, the popular video blogging, has created its very own vlogo-sphere in which you have to continuously keep up with the advancing technologies to keep your channel thriving. It is hard to select the one best camcorders out of the many “best-label” camcorders available in current market. It seems as if every camcorder wants to feed its specifications in your head once you step into a tech-store. In such situations, one can not help but dwell in the murky abyss of immense confusion. The problem reaches a higher degree when it comes to beginner Vloggers due to their little experience and low budget. Such are the times where having a knowledge of best Vlog camcorder picks in the market comes proves to be very handy.

To save you the extra effort here are some of the best Vlog camcorders of the current year:

1.   Panasonic’s HC-V770K Full HD Camcorder

This jack-of-all-trades sort of Vlog camcorder is a top pick for an exceptionally fantastic vlogging experience. With its 1080 HD picture quality and the ability to record at slow motion speed of about 60fps are the hot stuff for the beginner as well as pro Vloggers. Offering manual as well as auto adjustment for image exposure, it adds the extra touch of aesthetics and details in your videos. In this way, you can effectively deliver your theme and easily attract a large number of awe-struck audience to your channel. The zoom capability is about 20 times, and it can record detailed images of the target objects. Mic ports an SD cards are the essential features that come along with Agile Scrum.

2.   Canon Vixia HF G40

Canon Vixia HF GF40 is your reliable buddy when it comes to recording an entire event. The incredible thing about this camera, after the lightweight build and unmatchable color controls, is the dual card slots. These slots enable you to record critical videos on both the SD cards to offer you a backup if one of the cards fails. The video can also be shifted to the second card in case the first one is all filled up. The large lens area, lens ring, exposure adjustments and color bar modifications are some of the highlighted features of this best Vlog camcorder. For audio recording purposes, Vixia features a mic port. The video quality is at 1080p, and it can record at Sharepoint 2019.

3.   Zoom Q8

Zoom Q8 is known for its handiness and audio compatibility. This camera is most known for its unmatchable features. In addition to recording steady and high-quality videos of your jam sessions and concerts, Zoom Q8 can record excellent audio signals. Featuring two condenser microphones on its top, the camcorder records audio in the X-Y plane to minimize all sorts of audio disturbances. None of your signs canceled in any phase with this exceptionally brilliant Zoom Q8 camcorder. If your channel theme revolves around audio promotion and creation, Zoom Q8 is your reliable buddy.



Facebook is one of the best social media applications, and it also helps you to sell or advertise your products quickly. Targeting through Facebook comes with super advanced options, and it can also target people with specific interest. Facebook is a web-based social networking website where you can easily visit and comments on your friend’s photos and status. It is a top platform to advance your business. We can consider Facebook as a lead conversion strategy for targeting customer audience. Lead conversion generated from marketing strategy and events as trade. Your Facebook business page is the best strategy for gathering an audience for your business. Facebook business page helps you a lot in making SAFe courses.

When you are going to start any business, the best thing through which you can advertise your product is Facebook. The Facebook custom audience is one of the best and the essential tool for a successful Windows 10.

Target Facebook Ads to people on your friend list

When you are starting a new business and starting a Facebook Ad campaign, then you should take a start from your friend list. Once you make or create your customer audience, your information will be encrypted to protect customer relationship. When you advertise your product on Facebook, then you have a choice of reaching specific groups for more advertisement. You can create Facebook Ads through Ads Manager. Facebook lead conversion Ads are making for game-changing opportunity to reach more customers. Customer audience targeting is the best weapon for growing your business fast.  There are some of the tips and tricks for Targeting customer audience with Facebook.


  • Know Your Audience

 When you are going to advertise your product you should know what type of audience you are targeting. If you are targeting the wrong audience which has no link with your business product, then it will not be favorable for you. Facebook is the best online network to streamline your campaign. You should know your crowd before spending a great deal of cash with a financial plan. When you target the right audience for your business, then it will be beneficial for you.


  • Creating unique content for your audience

When you have done making a Facebook Ad campaign page, then the first thing you need to understand is to post exclusive content about your business or product so that more people visit your website or page. This is the most important thing to increase the target customer audience with Facebook. If you are creating two different ads, then you can deliver these two ads to two different audiences. That will result in better targeting. Increasing Facebook lead ads conversion is essential. If you want to get knowledge about Facebook marketing, then you can find information from Targeting customer audience with Facebook.

  • Include LIKE Button on your website and blog

If you are making a Facebook page for your business marketing, then you should add Facebook LIKE button on your site so that visitors click it when they visit your site. This is the most crucial tip through which your page can rank easily, and you can target customer audience through Facebook efficiently.

  • Make a personal page not an own Id

To see your business at an advanced level first you have to make the business page. One item you must keep in your mind that the page you are making it must be like an individual page, not your id. It helps you to target more customer audience through the Facebook page. You should try to get more likes on your page. In this way, more people will visit your business page and website.

  • Deliver ads to your customers first

The best way to target customer audience on Facebook is to deliver ads firstly to your customers. You should focus on your existing customers first because they are more likely to LIKE your page. With the customer audience, you can also upload a list of phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Build engagement with the warm audience

For increasing customer audience to your business, you have to target warm audience which helps you to drive more traffic to your website. You can promote to your warm audience by blog posts, product ranges and provide the best services. You should know to target those people who are interested in your brand.

  • Custom Audience of website visitors

The custom audience let the target users who have visited your website. If you want to target users who have visited specific products or pages, then you can select those people who attended those particular pages, and you can also add the URL of your website which you want to target.