Red Hat Deployment

In nowadays open source software is not a sideline or a warning; it is a straightforward reality for the technology industry. Open source is used by Red Hat organization to create a business model that conduct the team nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue. According to Chief Executive Officer Jim Whitehurst about this model” the most strengthen thing about what we have achieved. The organization listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Red Hat Courses is one of the leading companies for software which undoubtedly came up with an incredibly innovative idea of selling software as a product working for many programs. Also including Linux with its primary job as assembling components of open source and then making a distribution package out of it that can complete after ordering with ease.  Red Hat worked out its strategy quite smartly and created more users for Linux with customers preferring their name brand by the Linux Company. Many people believe that open source software is a more convenient way to develop software. It is the best way to participate as a part of the global community. It is also the best way to run a business. Red Hat develops itself by the power of collaboration, and this is not done only by the source code, but it based on everything it does.

However, it is essential to know that there are different types of software packages available that are around 400 which include Web server from Apache and compiler from Cygnus. These kits help to buy in a way that one can sell the codes with the modified version and even resell them provided that no one else restricts to alter it more.

Red Hat notice the chance for the principles that have made open source successful as a business model to change the universe, and the organization plotted to help make it happen through forwarding principles like transparency, collaboration, diversity and rapid prototyping, collectively it calls “the open source way’’. Red Hat enables to bring a necessity for technology industry which is open source. Through it, it created a business model that still helps them to make a profit of billions of dollars annually. Not to mention that it still offers a long list including training, consultation, and virtualization which is even beyond Linux. The few key concepts are; an open exchange, power of participation, rapid prototyping, meritocracy, and community.

Knowing that open source is behind the efficient working and achievement of Red Hat; let’s find a bit more about it. Furthermore, these codes are in all software companies. However, not all of them indeed share it. The choice of the user and his freedom comes in between if these systems stocked. The question is what the value of open source is? Well, with the world being even more connected day by day companies are somehow dependent on each other. If a code is created by a person and decides to share it, the consequences are that it will reuse in so many surprising ways by some other organization.

Additionally, The Fedora’s project mission wholly concentrated on the advancement of free and open source software around four ‘F’ foundations that is, Freedom, Friends, Features, First. Although, a community is so essential that it is a heart of Red Hat mission statement that is “to be the catalyst in communities fellows, contributors creating better technology by the open source way.



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